Couleur Corse

Hiking in Corsica

The fact Couleur Corse became, slowly and steadily, Corsica’s specialist of Hiking Holidays in Corsica over the years has nothing to do with Chance.

We’re a small group of tight friends passionate about our mountains. On top of this, we know the field like the back of our hand, you can be assured this will make the difference. Those assets are crucial in the making of tours that will come up to your expectations. Spectacular authentic tours, perfect for a complete immersion in Corsican culture. 

Self guided Tours Formulas:

You get to travel with your companion, family or amongst friends without needing a local guide’s services. You have the absolute freedom to plan your hiking day as you wish. We will take care of everything for you: accommodation bookings, luggage and local transfers, meals, etc. We will provide you with a detailed and complete Road book to guide you along your journey.
See Road book extract.

Guided Tours Formulas: cultural and linguistic immersion.

From mid May to late September, Couleur Corse schedules several guided holidays. Even though other participants will be mainly French-speaking, a great amount of them have a decent English level. We’ve also noticed an increasing number of foreign hikers, willing and eager to improve or practice their French as they dive into the local culture.
Our tour Leaders are professionals with a State certified license : 'Accompagnateurs en montagne’ or ‘guide de haute montagne’. Some of them speak english fairly. Those will be ones we choose to guide you along in priority. Being our friends and a few, they work with us on regular basis and share our ambition to aim towards quality. Living on the island, they are familiar with its nature, History, customs, legends and current affairs.
They will surprise you and take you off the way marked paths, on to their secret spots, to enjoy a casual picnic along a secluded water pool. Those picnics are carefully set up by our services, made with quality local handpicked products.
The number of participants on these groups is limited, so we can guaranty you a convivial atmosphere, top security and a privileged relationship with your tour Leader.

Tailored fit guided Holidays: what you want, whenever you want it. The Holiday you’ve been dreaming of.

We create, organize and guide the tours we propose ourselves. We’re familiar with every single spot of the island and we will work along with you, to come up with the proposal that will suit you the best. This way, you have the guaranty to fully enjoy all the treasures of the area you will choose to explore.

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