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Self guided hiking

Self guided holidays

Self guided hiking
If you’re planning a trip with your spouse or with a couple of friends and you’re not really keen on using a hiking guide’s services, these are just the type of holidays for you! You’re free to do as you please and hike at your own pace. We will take care of all logistic details: accommodations and meals bookings, transportation, luggage transfers and so on…
We will give you a complete, detailed Road book to help you out along your journey.
See Road book extract :

Most of the time, the tour we propose are set on way marked trails. When it won’t be the case, you will find cairns along the way and paths are impossible to miss. The information you will find on your road book are often updated. They will give you a genuine description of what to expect once on the field as well as indications on difficulty levels.

Self guided hiking
Nevertheless, Corsican’s nature, being wild and untamed, and some of the paths you’ll cross secluded, the Self guided formula is for experienced, self reliable hikers. You must:
  • Be familiar with and use orientation material : maps, compass, altimeter, GPS.
  • Bring all equipment necessary to hiking.
  • Know all the basic rules that go with the territory: check the weather forecast and your equipment regularly, know how to find and gather useful information, etc.
  • Be able to face last minute, unpredictable issues: storms, accidents, misunderstanding due to the road book infos…
  • Be trained in first aid maneuvers in case of emergencies.

Pros and cons of Self guided formulas:

  • Self guided hikes are perfect for those (couples or small groups) that would rather avoid the company of other hikers.
  • You won’t have to worry about organizing everything yourself.
  • You will walk with a lightened backpack since Couleur Corse will take care of your main luggage transfer daily.
  • You have absolute freedom and control over how to handle your pace and schedule. 

  • You will not be able to enjoy the services and experience of a professional local mountain guide. We handpick our staff amongst our friends. We share the same work and quality ethics. Living on the island, they are familiar with its nature, History, customs, legends and current affairs. They often share their secret spots and shortcuts towards a lake or hidden water pools.
  • In case of emergencies (bad weather, injuries…) you must rely on yourself, to make the right decisions and handle the situation right.

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